We make the best of what’s around :)

We make the best of what's around :)

So this is a photo of a bracelet given to me on my lil DMB tour earlier this month. Today I started physical therapy. I mention this because, as so often has happened to me since loving this band, I had one of those really cool “coincidences” happen.

As I was having my evaluation (being done by a remarkably good looking young man by the way, all kinds a tall and blonde and cute…) he notices my bracelet and says “oh did you go to that show?” I say “Yeah. Every year :)” he tells me his dad works there. He works concert security so he gets to go to shows for his job. I take a deep breath and my eyes get all wide… I say “I bet you anything your dad is the awesome security guard who I love! Is he a really big tall guy witha moustache?” He smiles and says “yup! They call him Big John!” holy crap security guy who I have loved for years is my therapist’s dad. It is this guy “Big John” who walked us into the venue this year. This guy walking us in is the ONLY reason I made it to the rail this year. Despite being one of the first people there last year, because of my sciattic nerve pain… when they opened the gates everyone ran past me. I could not keep up. This year, after being asked to help us in for safety – when I thanked Big John at the gate he actually said to me “I was there at the Who. I remember what happened.” I FREAKING LOVE THIS GUY!!!

And now his uber handsome son is handling my recovery 🙂 amazing stuff. It is such a small world even though Florida is such a big state 🙂 I love the way this band draws me into circles of connection. More and more lately 🙂

I love this music. I love this band. I love this life 🙂
Thanks for reading!