Seeking a balanced partner…

Seeking a balanced partner...

So it occurs to me that I have not taken the time to blog about a first date yet. First dates have become a hobby for me. My most recent first date left me with the distinct impression that I had managed to find yet another undiagnosed Asperger. I have a knack for it.

Truly I think that what’s happening here is I had been lied to so much in my last relationship. He lied all day all night… I now question every statement ever made… and Aspie’s have an inability to lie (or at least they are unable to lie well) – and I think I find that refreshing.

So this latest – I have been talking to this fellow for a couple of months online on a popular free dating site that is “ok” with me 😉 and it seemed to me like we had a lot in common. But there were a few red flags. 1) he is out of work. boooo – but I hate to judge, I’ve been out of work… 2) his car is broken, so I have to drive to his town to see him but he can’t drive out to my town to see me… hmmmmmmmm. OK so I finally decide based on his photography – which is quite good – and his words, which I was liking – that I would drive out to his town and meet him for coffee. he needed me to pick him up. hmmmph… I did. We went for coffee… we talked… very nice and all. BUT he was doused in a river of axe body spray that nearly triggered an asthma attack and his breath literally smelled like cat poo.

A sad turn of events. And to top it all off yeah he had several of the earmarks of high functioning autism that I have become accustomed to ferreting out among the general population of online daters.

The search continues!