What in THE hell!?!?!?!

What in THE hell!?!?!?!

Today’s daily prompt  is what would you like to ask other bloggers? Well since I am new here and My fabulous client the Lovely Miss L straight up hoodwinked me into blogging – I have one question for ALL the creative and interesting bloggers on this site – WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I DO?!?!?

You guys have all been at this a while – give some tips you yourselves have found effective and fun! I was brought to Daily Post by Miss L – you can follow her bad ass blog here
– so I receive decent guidance from her already…

But another perspective? yes please…I mean – think how the people in this photo would benefit from another perspective!



got my Firedancer :)

got my Firedancer :)

Yes I officially branded myself with a Firedancer, the most recognized DMB logo… with a twist of course. The tree is the firedancer… and the moon to balance out the tattoo on my other shoulder that has the sun in it…I like it but I want a lot more color. This is a very good start though 🙂

As I drove to the tattoo shop I was feeling sad, stressed out… sort of on the edge of getting really down. And then once that ink gun started buzzing… well it had the relaxation equivalency of a massage.

So there’s a lot on my mind still but I just keep looking at my tattoo 🙂 Yep – feeling much better now.

The Aquamarine House

So the daily prompt  is “ask for an article, an adjective and a noun”. I asked my daughter – she answered “The Aquamarine House”. Interesting. So my post is about my home apparently. Oh our house is not actually aquamarine on the outside or anything like that… our living room and kitchen are a nice turquoise shade though. This house. This home. Our first home…not the first place we lived, but the first place my kids and I ever felt was really ours.

My amazing mother and aunt put their heads and bank accounts (and retirement funds) together and they saved me and my special offspring. After their father and I divorced, I was struggling to find my way in the working world again after years of being a stay at home mom to a special needs kid (and let’s be honest, I was still raising myself, too). The kids and I moved four times in one year. The last time, my family saw their chance to change things for us – the house next door to theirs was for sale. My mother is now not only my mom, she is also my next door neighbor and my landlord. My gratitude can’t be shown with words…so I show it with trash taken out…or flowers watered. A quick run to the store or making something for family dinner.

This house. This house of color and noise and love. Of good smells in the kitchen and garden and bad smells in the litter boxes… This house of animals and teenagers and really loud Dave Matthews Band music… This house. My house. ❤


Prepare to be amazed!

Prepare to be amazed!

Why on earth would a woman with 2 jobs and 2 kids and 6 pets be writing a blog? I mean seriously, don’t I have enough to do? So many things happen in my life that make me tilt my head like a confused puppy and stare in blank wonder at the stunning shock of it all – seems like sharing some of that shock and amazement with the world might be fun 8) And besides… my client told me to and I am essentially bound to obey any reasonable command she issues me. Thanks for this one, Ms. L 🙂