Seeking a balanced partner…

Seeking a balanced partner...

So it occurs to me that I have not taken the time to blog about a first date yet. First dates have become a hobby for me. My most recent first date left me with the distinct impression that I had managed to find yet another undiagnosed Asperger. I have a knack for it.

Truly I think that what’s happening here is I had been lied to so much in my last relationship. He lied all day all night… I now question every statement ever made… and Aspie’s have an inability to lie (or at least they are unable to lie well) – and I think I find that refreshing.

So this latest – I have been talking to this fellow for a couple of months online on a popular free dating site that is “ok” with me 😉 and it seemed to me like we had a lot in common. But there were a few red flags. 1) he is out of work. boooo – but I hate to judge, I’ve been out of work… 2) his car is broken, so I have to drive to his town to see him but he can’t drive out to my town to see me… hmmmmmmmm. OK so I finally decide based on his photography – which is quite good – and his words, which I was liking – that I would drive out to his town and meet him for coffee. he needed me to pick him up. hmmmph… I did. We went for coffee… we talked… very nice and all. BUT he was doused in a river of axe body spray that nearly triggered an asthma attack and his breath literally smelled like cat poo.

A sad turn of events. And to top it all off yeah he had several of the earmarks of high functioning autism that I have become accustomed to ferreting out among the general population of online daters.

The search continues!


High Speed Art and community fun!

High Speed Art and community fun!
Friday night downtown Smalltown was a sea of folks and fun! Featuring live music, vendors and food, our First Friday Festival lived up to our expectations, and then some!


One of the high lights of the evening was the amazing live art of one Charismatic Earthgirl!
Her high speed style appeals to people of all ages as they watch in wonder as new worlds appear before their eyes!
Assisted by her lovely daughter and also featuring the artwork of her talented, autistic son, this family really brings the creativity and the fun to our Smalltown events!
Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for this talented lady and her creative kids – you’ll be seeing them again! And if you aren’t sure where they are… just follow the smell of spray paint! You wont regret it!
See you next month at Smalltown First Friday Festival!