Daily Prompt: Success!

Daily Prompt: Success!

So my most recent hope realized is getting my ticket confirmations for Dave Matthews Band summer tour. Now the fact is – if money and time were no object – I would hit that whole tour. I would go to every show and dance until I dropped in every town they played all summer long. However – I live in a world with bills and responsibilities… and so I am grateful to get the three shows i attend every summer in Florida.

So I got my ticket confirmations and I am very happy that I will once again be in the GA pit for Tampa! Success! This is a very long day, mind you. If you actually want to be “on the rail” as they say, you have to be one of the first 40 people waiting for them to open that gate to the GA Pit… and then ya gotta out run the herd!!!

This photo is from last year – I am in it – three people deep from the rail. You can see me over the right shoulder of my buddy with the mighty beard. That was the best I could manage after being one of the first 20 people in line that day. Last year my body was weak. I had pain everywhere from celiac disease… This year I am gluten free and have lost another 30 pounds or so since last year. This year I shall lead the stampede. This year I WILL be on the rail.


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