What in THE hell!?!?!?!

What in THE hell!?!?!?!

Today’s daily prompt  is what would you like to ask other bloggers? Well since I am new here and My fabulous client the Lovely Miss L straight up hoodwinked me into blogging – I have one question for ALL the creative and interesting bloggers on this site – WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I DO?!?!?

You guys have all been at this a while – give some tips you yourselves have found effective and fun! I was brought to Daily Post by Miss L – you can follow her bad ass blog here
– so I receive decent guidance from her already…

But another perspective? yes please…I mean – think how the people in this photo would benefit from another perspective!



7 thoughts on “What in THE hell!?!?!?!

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  2. MainerChick says:

    You do your own thing. Get inspired by others and then set your own path.

  3. MainerChick says:

    I just winged it. I tried stuff. Usually there isn’t anything you can’t undo if you don’t like it. explore the themes & wigits. explore other people’s blogs. Find things you like & don’t like. Try stuff out.

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